Year End Talley

Last year was a series of personal trials for me. Truth be told, I failed most of these challenges. After a period of silent agony and self-pity, I fell onto the root of my failures. Simply put: I wanted. I desired. Things. People. Outcomes. My need to have something or someone or some result caused me hurt, anger and disappointment when I didn’t get what I coveted, or someone I desired, or an outcome I anticipated. I was mad often, lashed out frequently, and hurt people close to me. I shunned socialness and eschewed personal dignity.

After the anger subsided a bit and I spent time reflecting, I discovered the one technique that helped me counteract all the negativity I had generated around myself. That technique is actually quite simple, but it takes practice because it doesn’t come naturally. And that’s gratitude.

Practicing gratitude helps you get over the things that you don’t have, the people who don’t choose you, and the outcomes that didn’t go your way by reminding you of that thing that you already have, the people who are currently in your life, and the good things that have happened to you. Practicing gratitude shifts your focus on the absence to the presence. Your perspective will change. You will feel better, positive, and energize. For being grateful means being open to possibilities.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.