Work Update

A little bit of work update… We’re diligently pushing ahead with preparations for DON-CON. More guests have been added, with more to come. We now have two sponsors, Creature Revenge Studios and Monsterpalooza. We also have interest in the art show, which we will begin pushing in earnest next week. We are exactly 3 months from the show and I suspect things will move fairly quickly now.

Similarly, the pace has picked up on The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios book. The files are in the hands of our printing partner now and the books are projected to be here by late October, in time for DON-CON. Sales were robust early and have tapered off a little. However, we haven’t really begun fully marketing the book. We will do so this coming week with ads and strategic partnerships.

Meanwhile, we’re still cataloging the costumes and props from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Photography has started, but took a back seat this week due to other things taking precedence. We will shift into a higher gear in that department towards the later part of next week.

So there you have it. All the pieces are moving forward, unevenly perhaps, but progress nonetheless. I’m also updating the websites (, and for each project concurrently, as well as administering the social media. Sometimes I wondered if I should have consolidated all these properties under one website and one social media account. It would have been easier to manage.

But, alas, what’s easy isn’t always what’s right.