What we are currently working on

It’s hard to believe that the Captain America auction at C2E2 was almost a month ago. Time seems to race by when there’s lots going on. We have certainly kept busy since. No rest for the weary… Well, I thought I’d bring those who are interested up to date on what we are currently working on.

As you may already know, we will be offering the Dreier Collection in July. I cannot overstate how amazing this collection is. First of all, it is massive. It spans multiple genres of pop culture: Film, television, music, toys, comics and things that do not fit in any of these categories. There are costumes from Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Whitney Houston. There is an extensive collection of Superman memorabilia, including Christopher Reeve and Marlon Brando’s outfits from Superman: The Movie. There are vintage Beatles and Elvis collectibles. There are X-Men costumes. There is perhaps one of the largest collections of Pez and Cracker Jacks in the world. There are vintage cereal boxes and mint-in-box G.I. Joe action figures and Hot Wheels cars. Also part of the Dreier Collection is the best Willy Wonka gatherings in existence. Golden Ticket, check. Everlasting Gobstopper, check. Gene Wilder costume, check. Golden Egg, check. The list goes on… If reading this is exhausting, try researching, cataloging and photographing everything.

The Dreier Collection alone would be big news. And it is. But just in case you thought we were slacking off, we’re also working on a historical manuscript auction, another 1,000+ lot animation offering, and our Summer Hollywood mega-sale. Just for fun, we’re doing everything simultaneously. Chaotic madness is the normal at Profiles.

In the middle of all this (or on top of it all–I’m not sure which phrase fits better), I’m still thinking about Profiles’s eventual website overhaul. As previously mentioned, I am striving to make Profiles, as a company, more user-friendly. This means more engagement and increased approachability. Jason DeBord took this as being more open and transparent, and even offered suggestions on how to do so. The first step toward open engagement is providing a platform for discourse and dialogue. The difficulty, as Jason can attest to, is in the execution.

Whether it be in the form of a blog, web forum or public Q&A, the concerns are the same. In an open environment, how do you filter the relevant comments among the inevitable cacophony of noise and still maintain the desired openness? If you require participants to log in in order to view and post, then you’re just building a walled garden. That’s not open. To what degree do you moderate? How do you prevent trolls? How do you prevent dissenters who ultimately just want to undermine your efforts? If you are banning users, deleting posts, or altering comments, then that’s not open either. There is plenty to consider. The system must be efficient, useful, fair and trustworthy. Otherwise, it would be joke. No one would take it–and us–seriously.

Then there’s finding the time to operate this endeavor. This is a full-time job. The current workload is already stretching our limits. To add on another project is masochistic. Yet, I still believe it’s possible. Not just building and implement this vision, but to also maintain an effective open forum. I believe in community and that increase in participation will result in raising your own value. The disagreement may only be in how to make it happen.