What to do with a slow holiday month?

December has been a herky-jerky month so far. In past years, there has usually been an on-going project or event. Nothing this year. No book releases. The handful of books that we’re working on are all in various stages and won’t see any concrete progress until after January 1st.

Consequently my schedule has been sort of unsettled, but only because I feel like I need to do something. The wrong kind of restlessness can lead to anxiety. The fact of the matter is that I don’t actually need to do anything. I could use the time to catch up on the many books I have bought but haven’t found time to read. I could work on purging my apartment of things I don’t need (thanks, Marie Kondo). I could also work on myself, which I have been on a journey to do so this year. I’ve done self-care, seeing a podiatrist to fix my plantar fasciitis and a dermatologist to finally deal with my rosacea.¬†Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and regular exercise have all helped. Still, there is more to do. There is always more to do.

So I could certainly use the time this month to take care of myself, heal, recover, and soothe before the inevitable hustle-bustle start in January. Purging is a good place to start.