HBO has another hit on its hands. Westworld is a slowly unraveling mystery that is delightful so far three episodes in. But as the Man in Black says, there is a deeper level to the game and I look forward to every turn of the maze that the show takes.

Equally enticing are the themes that the show explores. Morality, ethics, loneliness, free will, consciousness, God, and of course, computer technology are just some of the big concepts that come to mind. I think one underlying connecting theme is the search to understand ourselves. No matter how advance the technology, how vast our knowledge becomes, or how much progress we have made intellectually, the greatest mystery of all–one that gnaws at us–is understanding ourselves. That is the true maze.

The show has already generated great capacity for fan theories. For good reasons. Westworld is richly compelling with luring narratives and visual stimuli. However, I am not keen on fan theories and all the chatter that accompanies the itch of speculation. Sometimes the beauty is in not knowing and letting it unfold.