Weird dreams are great

I had a weird dream and woke up slightly discombobulated. You know those dreams. It was one of those dreams where things were familiar, involving familiar people in familiar places. But what was happening was odd and unrealistic. Of course, in dreams the logic filter is turned off. The dream is vivid and feels very real. Dreams like this rock you off the reality axis and you wake up initially off kilter. What’s great, however, is that I think it helps clear unwanted clutter–like the buildup of plaque–in your mind. Sure, you wake up temporarily dazed and out of sorts. When that goes away, though and usually within minutes, reality returns with heightened clarity. You realize that you were only dreaming and the world you woke up to is brighter. It’s like the cinematography of reality is enhanced, compared to the lo-fi fuzzy world you were dreaming in. Furthermore, the illogic of dreams give way to the relief of customary fixed universal laws of reality. We probably get these dreams every night. Most of the time we don’t remember. Nonetheless we benefit from them. Thoughts that clutter our mind like long unworn clothes in our closet are being purged and we wake up with a lighter, freer load.