Uh Oh


From Uneasy riders: Which ‘Captain America’ chopper is the real film relic? published in the Los Angeles Times on Friday, Oct. 17:

Fonda authenticated that bike, and autographed its gas tank, after a cursory examination. But this week, Fonda told The Times that he relied on Haggerty’s word. He had no reason to doubt him — until a few years later, Fonda said, when he learned about the earlier Captain America sale in Texas. Now he wishes he’d never lent his credibility to the other motorcycle. “It’s embarrassing, and infuriating,” he said in an interview. He hopes the weekend sale of that machine — being auctioned with a $1-million minimum set by the auction house — is called off. Fonda said [Michael] Eisenberg offered to give him a 10% cut of the bike’s sale price if he helped promote the auction, which the auction house confirmed. He declined.

“They know damn well they don’t have the real bike. I own the original remaining Captain America bike. The one to be auctioned is a replica.” –– Gordon Granger

“I’m no expert, and I can’t tell you which one is real. I know there are two bikes out there that are both authenticated by (Dan) Haggerty. That’s not right.” — Peter Fonda