Trump TV Test Run?

Tonight, the Trump campaign debut a news show that will air on Donald Trump’s Facebook page nightly at 6:30 pm ET via Facebook Live. Is this the testing of the waters for Trump TV? There’s been rumblings that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been meeting with media executives about a possible TV venture. It’s been said from political insiders that the moves from Trump’s campaign makes little sense from a political point of view. But if you look through a media/entrepreneurial lens, the pieces come in focus. Trump has been very consistent in decrying the rigged and bias media-politico machinery. He has whipped up a frenzy among his base on this point. He could be banking on this magnitude of viewership after he loses the election. If he gets that kind of loyalty for Trump TV, then he’s onto something. And when he loses, he could actually be winning.

[From Wired]