Top of the (Poster) Mountain

Poster Mountain has served the poster collecting community for almost two decades now and the folks there continue to do great work. Honestly, there is probably no better paper conservation and restoration service around. At least not in Southern California. At least not at the same of caliber of technical and artistic standards.

I recently had my original one-sheet To Catch a Thief poster linen-backed by John Davis and his crew. The work speaks for itself (see image above). There were a few pinholes at the corners that were expertly repaired. Fortunately for me, there were no paper loss. Even if there were, Poster Mountain carries an expansive repository of vintage paper that would allow the staff to color and texture match any poster. While the technical skills of the staff is world-class, Poster Mountain employs a minimalist philosophy.

Our small staff of artisans adhere to strict ethical and quality standards. Whenever possible, we confine restoration efforts to the minimum required in order to restore a piece of art back to its original intent.

Less is not just more. It is proper. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Aside from posters, Poster Mountain also provides an array of laboratory conservation treatments and cosmetic restoration services for documents, photographs and other works of fine and commercial art. Anyone interested should visit the Poster Mountain website.

Of particular interest–especially for the technically inclined–is Poster Mountain’s blog where you can follow their conservation process and techniques. Various projects are chronicled in meticulous and juicy detail with lots of behind-the-scenes, as well as, before, during and after pictures. It is a highly fascinating crossroad of science and art.