Most humans have no sense of temporal proportions. Most people don’t have any concept of the minuteness of time either. Indeed, time is challenging for many people. It’s challenging to keep, track, follow, and maintain. Time is nebulous, intangible, conceptual. It’s also been shown to be relative, malleable, and arbitrary. Yet, we let it rule our lives—this thing that we don’t really know much about and that fluctuates in ways we can’t comprehend. Is time a thing? Or is it a perception? Whatever it is, we give it so much power. We equate time with life and death. We take it seriously. We make it a serious matter. Is time serious? Or is time a mirror that reflects our fears, hopefulness, anxiety, aspirations, feelings of inadequacy, and sense of invincibility? Of course, time is a construct that helps us follow the passage of one moment to the next. It’s practical and natural to do so. It underpins what we call progress. It is a convenient metric to measure a life. That we even feel a need to measure life speaks to our neediness. What is it that we are so afraid of?