The Virtue of Silence

Silence does not mean acquiescence, nor empathy, nor aloofness, nor resignation. Silence is simply observation. It means to accept what is, to not turn away or reject reality.

Silence doesn’t equal quiet either. Silence is actually listening, truly and uninhibited. Silence is filtering out the excess, the superfluous, the obstructions, the distractions, and the delusions. It is golden. It is relief. It is truth. It is power. It is resetting to equilibrium, to clarity. We need it as much as we need air and water. In this age of always-on, constant stimuli, digital addiction, we might need silence more than ever.

Silence also means space, to have that buffer where cessation of sensory input could be possible. To have silence on a regular basis is luxurious, but once tasted it you will want more. The more we are connected externally—via internet, social media, digital devices—the less we are truly connected in fundamental ways of reality. In fact, those tools of external connection build walls of isolation and division. The way back to true human connection is through silence.