The Predictability of The Walking Dead

Has The Walking Dead reached a point of anti-climaticism? I’m not sure…

I’m not sure I agree entirely with Daniel W. Drezner either in his Washington Post op-ed. But this passage (in quoting Sunny Bunch) stood out for:

Last season, the integration of Rick’s hardened group of survivors with Alexandria’s sheltered community could have been interesting — if, yet again, the show hadn’t stacked the deck so heavily against the original Alexandrians. This season, the emerging relationships between the main characters’ redoubt, Alexandria, and other survivor communities offered the potential for other thematic notes to be played. Even Negan could have been a welcome exercise in post-apocalyptic state formation. But, as Bunch noted, ” ‘The Walking Dead’ is nothing if not cruel, to characters and audiences alike.” Which means it’s also predictable and therefore not a must-see.

Unlike Drezner, I’m not quitting TWD just yet. Got to give Negan a chance to show what the writers come up with. At the very least, to see which member of Rick’s group got the business end of Lucille.