The new New World

When we all woke up this morning, the world — and the Solar System — was changed forever. The frontier will always exist and the human spirit for exploration is alive. I hope to be around when we put a man on Mars or beyond.

The image above shows one of the first views from NASA’s Curiosity rover, which landed on Mars the evening of Aug. 5 PDT. It was taken through a “fisheye” wide-angle lens on one of the rover’s many cameras. Larger color images are expected later in the week. Will the Red Planet live up to its name?

(Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)


  1. Kevin Hanson says:

    Did NASA’s curiosity take NASA to Mars, or did Curiosity’s NASA take Curiosity to Mars? I’m confused.

    Seriously, though, first powered-flight on earth by modern man – 1903; first powered-flight on the Moon by modern man – 1969; first powered-flight on Mars by modern man – 2012 (too bad no on-board pilot this time).

    We are getting pretty good at this powered-flight thing. Where to next?

  2. Fong Sam says:

    The next thing should be to discover or develop a more efficient form of fuel other than fossil fuel. Exploration is limited by our ability to get “there” in a timely fashion.

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