The Meaningless Life

My favorite astrophysicist, Adam Frank, dropped some very profound thoughts today on this NPR blog.

I was reeling and shaken to the core. For that one moment all the meaning and concern I schlep from one day to the next evaporated before my small place in this very big galaxy. It was dizzying and it was delightful. To be human is to suffer great and small. Even given all our blessings, we can still find ways to fill the day with urgent concerns. And when great suffering falls to us — health, economic, family — our horizons constrict to darkness. Thus, for me, anytime I can be lifted from the crushing sense that this is all there is, it’s a good thing. Anytime I can be reminded that there is more, so much more, than this mortal coil, it feels like a good thing.

Perspective is awfully humbling.