The League: Geek Confessions

This week’s topic is:

What is something you absolutely hate or love or just don’t get, or maybe it’s something you have never even seen or read. What is your deepest, darkest geek confession? 

It’s an intriguing notion and brings up the question, What constitutes a geek? What are the criteria for geekdom? To be sure, the definition is fluid. It evolves according to the times. In that way, its connotation also ebbs and flows based on current public sentiment. There was a not-too-distant past where nerds were picked on and ridiculed. Now they are celebrated (Mark Zuckerberg, anyone?).

Yes, I said nerds, but we’re talking about geeks. Is there a difference? Probably. What about savants? Again, yes. Here’s my limited understanding of nerds, geeks and savants (hint, they’re all very smart):

Alright, so back to my geek confession. Here goes: I think I am an imposter!

Why do I think that? Well. I don’t:

  • play video games (or boardgames)
  • code/program/hack
  • collect anything
  • watch Big Bang Theory
  • know any Theorems beside the Pythagorean
  • read comics
  • know 80s cartoons
  • cosplay
  • care about the Hunger Games

The fact that I associate the above stereotypes with geekdom probably exposes me as a fraud to begin with. Most pop culture references that I do know comes from reading about them instead of actually living them, which is probably the true criterium of geekdom. Truth be told, I missed the boat on most of the things mentioned above and I’m not motivated enough to play catch up. However, I do appreciate these things and I enjoy reading about them, especially from an anthropological standpoint. If not exactly a participating geek, I am perhaps a spectating one? Honorary member? Maybe?

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  1. We’re living in the age of geekdom! The term has certainly evolved from the days that i roamed the halls of high school. What was once a label you didn’t want to be wearing, has now become one that we wear proudly. Zuckerberg is going to make billions today and the Avengers is one of the top-grossing movies of all time. The geeks have inherited the Earth!

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