The G.O.P.

Paul Krugman has an astute observation of the current state of Republicanism. The money statement: “Talking nonsense is what you have to do to get anywhere in today’s Republican Party.”

There are a lot of merits for conservative values. A healthy country comes from a legitimate balance of conservative values and progressive ideas. You spend responsibly, but you don’t sacrifice our civil liberties. You reform the tax codes, but you don’t shut down programs that millions depend on. You can grow our economy without forgetting about education. And religious freedom means you are free to worship whoever you desire without discriminating against another person.

A healthy mix of conservative values balanced with liberal ideas.

This crop of Republican presidential candidates is an attack on conservatism. It’s become a party you can’t take seriously. I mean, really, when did being smart become a bad thing? (Jeb Bush decried that Obama uses too many big words, but he isn’t the first to use Obama’s smarts as a negative. See the entire 2012 election.) More from Krugman: “It’s a party that has no room for rational positions on many major issues.” This crop of Republican presidential candidates is an attack on conservatism, because the level-headed Republicans have been silenced, lest they risk being tarred and feathered by the lynch mob of the New Republicans.

I suspect independent voters will be more important than ever in next year’s general election. True independent voters are thoughtful, rational and educated. They are not swayed by bullshit. That’s why they are independent and do not adhere to the demagogy of one political party. In this election, it would be difficult to imagine a true independent would choose what the Republicans have to offer.

Finally, here’s a rough transcript of Jon Stewart’s epic “Bullshit is everywhere” farewell monologue: