The end of Game of Thrones means I can now cancel my DirecTV

Now that this season’s Game of Thrones is over, I will be canceling my DirecTV account. I’ve meant to do so earlier, but I had to have me some Westerosi mayhem. HBO refuses to let Game of Thrones be available online, which explains this happening. I agree with MG Siegler that president of HBO Eric Kessler’s thinking is flawed. It’s inevitable that cable subscriptions will shrink.

I’m betting on it by putting my money where my mouth is. In ending my DirecTV account, I’m also betting on Apple TV, despite what DirecTV chairman Michael White says.

Last year I canceled my landline. Now goodbye cable. What other utility can I get rid of next?


  1. ThePropStop says:

    GOT is an amazing show. Unfortunately as the cable subs shrink they will just increase the price to cover it.

    Blockbuster video anyone????

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