Ted Cruz’s Bad Timing


(Photo from Twitter)

What’s worse than getting flack for endorsing the man that beat you and in the process of doing so insulted your wife and father?

Timing is everything. Cruz’s endorsement was followed by this not so flattering video of him working at a phone bank for the Trump campaign, which came out right before the devastating Washington Post story about the Trump recording.

Republicans are fleeing en masse from Trump, with many even urging him to step down. Speculations run amok as to what GOP brass will–or legally could–do with 30 days until election day. Cruz has so far been silent this weekend.


Ted Cruz tweeted this morning:

He’s upset at the timing. He wishes that all these things came out before his endorsement. What happened to voting your conscience? If Trump insulting your wife and father weren’t enough, then what difference is what Trump says about other people?