I discovered David Bowie later in life. I believe the impact was no less greater than it would have been if I knew about him earlier. Bowie’s persona was timeless. There are few human beings as unique as The Starman.

Discovering Bowie later in life has one advantage for me. I get to appreciate the discovery through years of my own prismatic experiences, having racked up decades of failures and triumphs, heartaches and euphoria. Through life’s complex lenses, Bowie sparkles.

Looking at his life and body of work, Bowie had undeniable panache. Of the many faces, fashion styles, art, and musical genres he had touched, all were uniquely his and his alone. I am enjoying discovering David Bowie. There is so much of his life and art to dive into, so many aspects of the man to admire.

Rest in peace, David Bowie.