People love to standardize everything. There are practical reasons, and good ones for that matter, when it benefits humanity. However, when standardization is used politically or as ways to exert power, then it should be protested against. Moreover, how do you standardize something that defies it? Zen is one such thing that could not and should not be confined to a set of protocols or even best-practiced procedures. The Buddha didn’t create rules and ceremonies. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that when he became enlightened, he thought about keeping it to himself because he didn’t think anyone would listen him. Eventually he decided to share what he discovered, but he had always advocated that people should discover reality for themselves. That there are now organizations and institutions that say what is right and wrong and how things should be goes against Gautama’s intentions. I think I’ve always been wary of codification and bureaucracy. Brad Warner wrote a blog post about the standardization of Zen and vowed to fight it to the end. On this I support him one hundred percent.