Son of Monsterpalooza

For the past four years, Monsterpalooza has cemented its status as the convention for horror fans. In fact, the demand has grown such that Eliot Brodsky decided to do a second show. And when better than during Halloween season?

Called “Son of Monsterpalooza,” this show was equally colorful and vibrant as the April show. The crowd came out and they brought the gore with them, as today’s costume contest showed. The industry’s best are represented: Stan Winston School of Character Arts, MasterFX, Cinema Makeup School, Chiodo Brothers, Sideshow Collectibles, among others. This is the place for industry makeup and special effects artists to show off their skills, as demonstrations took place in more than a few booths. This resulted in a plethora of zombies walking around.

From awesome life-like displays and insightful presentations to great artists and horror luminaries–like Lance Hendrikson, Bob Burns, Lisa Marie, Todd Masters and George the Animal Steele (???)–the show packed in a lot to see and experience at the Burbank Marriott Convention Hall. The show also did not lack for diversity and richness in a genre that often gets dismissed and relegated to the fringe. But as thousands of fans in attendance proved, Monsterpalooza and horror/fantasy are both here to stay. Hats off to Eliot for putting together a great show.


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