Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow

Aerospace firms in Southern California are leading us into the future, apparently on next generation high-tech blimps and other airships. Interesting article in the LA Times.

Of course, it is no surprise that the military is spearheading this aerospace industry boom:

“The federal government is buying blimps, zeppelins and spy balloons, and many of these new-generation hybrid ‘lighter than air’ aircraft are taking shape across California.”


“[In] recent years, the affordability of airships as well as developments in high-definition cameras, high-powered sensors and other unmanned technologies have turned these oddball aircraft from curiosities of a bygone era to must-have items for today’s military.”

But it is a matter of time before these “airships increasingly are being used for civilian purposes.”

(Photo credit: Don Bartletti, LA Times)


  1. David says:

    Love the article. Thanks for pointing it out. It is nice to see that we are re-visiting the past to solve some of the challenges of the future.

    David Pearson

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