SF Weekly no fan of Harry Knowles

Apparently not everyone is a fan of Harry Knowles or his recently launched Ain’t It Cool web series on the Nerdist Channel. Alan Scherstuhl of the SF Weekly called the 5-minute premiere webisode “wretched, a trip to the heart of geekdom that is intended to be whimsical but instead comes off as a braggy bleat from a needy fool.”  Ouch.

Harry’s humor isn’t for everyone, but Scherstuhl’s attack seems heavy-handed and personal. Unsolicited advice for Mr. Scherstuhl: If you don’t like the show, or the website (for which Scherstuhl had some choice comments), then simply don’t click play. Really, sir, change the URL.

Scherstuhl’s criticism smacks of self-importance and cultural elitist arrogance. Worse are Scherstuhl’s handful of readers who pile on the insults like they are the supposedly cool kids picking on the nerdy science kids at school. Yet although Scherstuhl’s assailment indicates that he and his readers had given Harry Knowles much scrutiny–evidently they have a lot of time on their hands, as one reader with the handle, “CreepyThinMan” (really!), offered a psychological profile of Harry–I can assume that Harry isn’t giving them any thought in return. Because, like, you know, Harry has better things to do with his time.