Another instance of judging others by their worst examples, this below is part of the hacked emails from Hillary Clinton. Of course, it goes counter to the narrative that Trump is framing around Hillary’s character. The result is no one talks about it.


If we are to fully judge Hillary, and Trump as well, then let’s consider both their positive and negative attributes. The problem is neither side will even give the other any credit for anything positive, as if only transgressions represent the core of someone.

The media isn’t helping in this regards and the public won’t take the initiative to defy what they want to believe. The reality, though, is always much more than the selective examples people cherry pick to fit a narrative.

Unfortunately, the good things that “H” did behind the scenes exposed by an illegal hack does nothing to dissuade the public opinion of her. Despite Trump’s claims of charitable work, there is no definitive proof of it since he won’t release his tax returns. So perhaps it will take a revelation via illegal means to expose something good about Trump.