ScreenUsed announces next auction

Following on the heels of its successful debut live auction, ScreenUsed has announced the date of its next auction: November 3, 2012. Re-iterating its commitment to the mid-tier market, ScreenUsed feels “feel confident this will be another nice compilation of items that will have something for everyone and at varying price levels.” The catalog is expected to launch in mid-October.

This news was delivered in the form of ScreenUsed’s latest e-mail newsletter. Also in the newsletter is a brief blurb talking about the speed in which winning items were shipped after the auction in July:

“Thanks to the customers that have contacted us regarding receipt of their new acquisitions. We are proud of the fact that we shipped items 2 days after the auction, and we were able to ship 94% of the items within 11 days.”

For a look back at that first auction and the results, go here.