Remember the future

Although we perceive time linearly, theoretical physics treat it as a fluid dimension, a definable variable in the universe. Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking mused about how tantalizing it was that we could not remember the future. Our feeble minds, of course, could only recall the past.
Kurt Vonnegut had some advice about the future. In his introduction to the 25th anniversary edition of Slaughterhouse-Five, Vonnegut wrote:
“Stephen Hawking… found it tantalizing that we could not remember the future. But remembering the future is child’s play for me now. I know what will become of my helpless, trusting babies because they are grown-ups now. I know how my closest friends will end up because so many of them are retired or dead now… To Stephen Hawking and all others younger than myself I say, ‘Be patient. Your future will come to you and lie down at your feet like a dog who knows and loves you no matter what you are.'”