Prop Captain America comic book

Last month at C2E2, Profiles held a raffle contest for an original Captain America prop comic book (with blank pages) from the movie. The prop was generously slabbed and graded (9.4) by our friends at CGC. In addition, we built a custom “Starks Industries” casing for the comic book.

The lucky winner was Linda Jessogne, a single mother living in Chicago. Sadly, a week after winning the prize Linda was struck by a drunk driver while waiting at a red light on her scooter. She was thrown 500 ft. before landing on the pavement. She suffered a severe concussion and received 68 stitches on her arms and legs. She subsequently had swelling in her brain and her wounds got infected. Due to these complications, Linda was kept in the hospital for a week while her brother helped to take care of her son, who is high functioning autistic.

Linda is still recovering and certainly lucky to be alive. But the reality of an extended hospital stay and lengthy court proceedings since mean that her bills have piled up. In short, she is now forced to consider selling the raffle prize she won at C2E2.

Anyone interested, please contact me. Keep in mind that the hero comic book prop sold at the Captain America auction for $3,900 ($3,250 plus 20% buyer’s premium). Although this comic prop has blank pages, it nevertheless is a nice original item made for the Marvel production. It has been officially graded by CGC. And the custom case is a masterful craftsmanship.