Profiles in History targeting the tech sector?

MacTech is an annual “3-day, immersive, technical conference specifically designed for Apple developers, IT Pros, and Enterprise.” So the question begs, “What’s Profiles doing there?”

From the MacTech Conference 2012 activities page:

“As part of this year’s entertainment theme at MacTech Conference 2012, Profiles in History: Treasures from the Vaults will have a variety of Hollywood treasures on display the first day of the event, during registration and throughout the day.

Meet Joe Maddalena, host of Syfy’s Hollywood Treasure and owner of Profiles in History, and get a sneak peak at some of the most iconic pieces of original Hollywood Memorabilia in the world!”

The description does not specifically list what will be on display, but it does show images of a Death Glider from Stargate, Moonraker shuttle and a pulse rifle from Aliens.

Finding new customers is always a priority of any business. Profiles subsists in the high-end market of collectibles and so would naturally target affluent buyers, which is a markedly different business strategy than, say, ScreenUsed, which aims for the mid-tier clientele. The technology sector is arguably a natural milieu for Profiles with its large pool of young, hip and rich audience who are into sci-fi, the genre of collectibles for which Profiles excel in getting the best prices.

Also part of the MacTech festivities is the Walt Disney Animation Studios. The connection between Silicon Valley and Disney is obvious (Pixar?). Animation is a genre that Profiles has shown a lot of interest in lately. There may or may not be any connection here, but Profiles is possibly showing the direction where it is heading and who and what the company is focusing on.

MacTech Conference will be at the Universal Sheraton from October 17-19.


  1. Fong Sam says:

    The thing is these are developers, not already-arrived tech giants who have discretionary money to spend. In a few years if these developers make it, then maybe. Also this is a conference where developers are trying to learn and improve their craft. They will be attending seminars and may or may not even have time to marvel at props that they may or may not have the money to spend on.

  2. althea mcmurrian says:

    Makes complete sense. Yes, many members of the tech sector have big money, we tend to be major pop culture fans but have been liminted in the things we collect. its a untapped market

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