Outpost Collectibles

I am happy to announce that Haxbee has forged a partnership with Outpost Collectibles.

Entertainment memorabilia collectibles take many forms, including miniature replicas, original props & costumes, limited edition toys, etc. Outpost Collectibles offers a new take on memorabilia collecting for discerning collectors: life-size character statues. Here’s a brief description from Outpost’s “About Us” page:

Our constantly evolving inventory encompasses highly detailed character statues in both miniature and life-size versions, high-end toys, as well as prop and weapon replicas, many of which were prototyped by the very companies that created the originals for the respective movies. Many of our items are limited edition pieces – some even one-of-a-kind.

To see what is currently in their inventory, visit www.outpostcollectibles.com.

Here’s a small sample: