Olympics Memorabilia

As the Summer Olympics comes to a close today, be prepared for an onslaught of memorabilia to hit the market. In fact, check eBay now and you will witness rush-to-market Olympic-size opportunism on display. A search for “Olympics 2012” yielded 37,644 results (and steadily rising). There are “rare” coins, pins, autographed shoes, photos and, yes, even winners medals.

Even Chris Paul, of the gold-medal winning USA Basketball Team, understands the significance of timely collectibles. As soon as the final whistle blew, Paul rushed to secure the game ball. He did the same in Beijing 2008, but officials took the game ball back. This time he gets to keep it though. And back in the locker room Paul had his illustrious team-mates all signed the ball. Then he tweeted an Instagram picture of it.

That ball is going to fetch a handsome price at some charity auction someday.

I wonder what the signed ball from the 1992 Dream Team is worth?