Official numbers from Dreier Auction

TOTAL HAMMER – $2,535,550

Total number of lots – 396
Number of lots sold – 349
Unsold lots – 47
Sell rate – 88.13%
Average price per lot sold – $7,265.19

A few things sold after the auction–in particular, the Michael Jackson BAD costume. Profiles customarily includes these post-auction sales in the auction accounting. So in other words, the official prices realized is subject to change as more post-auction sales take place. Go here to see the full results as of today.

UPDATE: This is the first auction that Profiles delved into pop culture memorabilia, such as PEZ, Hot Wheels and G.I. Joe auction figures. Here is a breakdown of how these items performed:

Items Total Number of Lots Number Sold Number Unsold Sell Rate Average Price Per Lot Sold
PEZ $67,250 83 67 16 80.72% $1,003.73
G.I. Joe $35,625 19 19 0 100% $1,875.00
Hot Wheels $15,525 20 14 6 70% $1,108.93
Cereal Boxes $16,225 12 12 0 100% $1,352.08


  1. Jason DeBord says:

    Hi Fong,

    Was the Michael Jackson BAD costume ever *worn* on stage by Michael Jackson?

    I noticed in the online listing that this excerpt from the print/PDF catalog was removed:

    ”This Michael Jackson performance-worn costume from his Bad World Tour…”

    The title of the lot also changed from:



    ”Michael Jackson BAD costume presented by Michael Jackson to the Guinness World Records Museum”

    Also, what did it sell for?

    Thank you,

    Jason DeBord

  2. Fong Sam says:

    It was not worn on stage. It was presented by Michael personally to the Guinness Records Museum in 1992 during a ceremony honoring Michael for breaking three world records at the time: Most Grammy Awards won in one year (eight, 1984), Biggest Selling Album Ever (Thriller, 109 million sold since 1982) and Highest Annual Earnings Ever for a pop star (1989, $125 million for the BAD World Tour). The costume was subsequently displayed at the Guinness museum for many years, until Profiles sold it at auction in 2009. Interestingly, the actual stage-worn costume will be sold at Julien’s in December.

    • jdebord says:

      Hi Fong,

      Thanks for the info – very interesting. So it originally sold in the Hollywood Wax Museum auction (Hollywood Auction 35) in May 2009 as a non-stage worn costume for $30,000?

      Did Profiles circulate a lot/description amendment sheet prior to the auction? If so, could you send me a copy?

      Thanks again,

      Jason DeBord

  3. Paul says:

    I received a copy of the corrigenda at the auction. The description was corrected as Fong described. I went ahead and checked iCollector and Live Auctioneers and saw the corrected descriptions.
    The auctioneer also read the corrected description before the item was offered for sale. There was no doubt in my mind that anybody who was interested in bidding on this item knew exactly what they we going to be bidding on. Excellent work Profiles!

  4. jdebord says:

    Thank you.

    Does the corrigenda note anything about this lot?


    Fong had told me at Comic Con that the “S” emblem was not original to the costume – “a replica” – but the online listing/catalog description makes no mention of the “S” emblem being a replica.

    Thanks again,

    Jason DeBord

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