New Year, New Challenges

The new year came and went as it always does. The old giving way to the new. Is it all imaginary though? What’s the significance of going from December 31 to January 1? There is no apparent cosmic ushering, just human constructed ceremony to mark time. This past New Year’s Eve was especially unceremonious. There was the watching of the clock, sipping of the champagne, and hugs and kisses with friends. Then it was off to bed.

But old habits die hard and we’re sort of wired to set new goals (some called them resolutions, but the connotation of the word suggest whatever intentions we assign on the last day of the year will be abandoned two weeks later). I haven’t made new year resolutions since grade school and don’t plan on doing so ever again.

I will, however, take account of the things that worked and didn’t work this past year. Usually things that didn’t work will outnumber the ones that did. An advice that I heard recently is: emphasis and focus on your strengths (things that work) and not your weaknesses (things that didn’t work). Sound suggestion, I think.

There are some things that I started doing in 2016 that seem to be good for me, so I would continue doing them in 2017, namely:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • journaling
  • eliminating sugar & carb
  • outsourcing (for work & life)

2016 was very much about self-care. If there is one intention I have for 2017, it is connectivity. For the past year, I’ve withdrew into myself. There were obvious issues that I need to address. That part is a work in progress and likely will be for a while, if not for the rest of my life. Connection is important, too. Connecting to people, ideas, and places are needed for personal and professional growth.

So that’s my challenge for the year: to connect. The dots are there–just have to connect them. These are some of the things that I’ll try out:

  • meet a new person every week
  • travel to 2 new places each month
  • reconnect with an old friend/colleague each week
  • try something new each week
  • learn a new language

It’s a modest list, but the items here have growth potential and they could each lead to something else. Some days/weeks will be challenging, but I intend to keep up with it for as long as possible. Wish me luck.