Myths, stories, legends, folklore, tales & lies

Myths, stories, legends, folklore, tales and lies: they are all the same and necessary. We need them, want them, and hate them. We tell them to others and we especially tell them to ourselves. The world is probably a lie, but it could be a beautiful lie. The alternative would not be so pleasant to past the short time we have with. We need the drama, entertainment, strife, and problem to solve. We want meaning. So we tell stories.

The truth, though, is still important. Just enough is needed to keep the world moving. There is no doubt an objective truth in the universe, but we do not–maybe will not–know it. (Apologies to all the hardworking scientists.) Perceived truth is all we really have. We find something to agree on and that becomes the anchor from which we keep the world spinning (and truth be told, to keep it from spinning out of control). That is the axis point.

Find enough axis points with people and you will have a successful life. Of course, success is relative because it requires the acknowledgement and acquiescence of others. And then we are back to telling myths, stories, legends, folklore, tales and lies.