Must-See Frankenweenie Exhibit at Disneyland

Despite the lackluster box office performance, Frankenweenie is a good movie. A typical Tim Burton creation: childlike and edgy and touching and heartfelt. If you are a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, you will like Frankenweenie. It’s a Burton trademark to use the freakish and weird to demonstrate the humane.

For fans of stop-motion animation, an absolute treat that shouldn’t be missed is currently on display at Disneyland (in the Animation Courtyard at Hollywood Land in California Adventure). “The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition” features intricately detailed scenes from Victor’s attic laboratory, his classroom, the family kitchen and the gem of the exhibit, Tim Burton’s desk. The desk gives a delightful glimpse of Burton’s creative habitat. You get to see a desk littered with sculpting tools, used brushes, paints, notepads, an open script, original sketches, costumes, props, fabric swatches and, of course, stop-motion puppets.

This exhibit first kicked off at CineEurope in Barcelona in June, then went to Comic-Con, Mexico City, Toronto and now Disneyland. After November 5, it will continue to Madrid, London, Paris and Tokyo. The puppets are absolutely amazing to see in-person. I’ve seen the props and puppets from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. From a collectibles standpoint, Frankweenie has in my opinion the best quality puppets. It stands to reason since Burton and his team has by now perfected the art of stop-motion animation film-making.

If you have a chance to see this exhibit, you need to experience it. Then go see the movie in 3-D.

(Exhibition details on Facebook)


  1. David says:

    I am heading to Disneyland for vacation next week. I look forward to seeing this display. Is there any restrictions for taking photos?

  2. Fong Sam says:

    There are no restrictions on taking photos at the exhibit. The items are all behind glass though, so taking good pictures without reflections will be a little bit difficult.

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