Mad Monster Party at Van Eaton Galleries

A packed house greeted last night’s opening of “Mad Monster Party” at Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, CA. Based on the 1967 Rankin/Bass-produced animated film, the group art show paid homage to its namesake with artwork from over 70 artists, ranging from established names such as Gris Grimly and the Chiodo Brothers to talented up-and-comers such as Casey Wong, Cherry Rae Thompson, Martin Hsu and Ruel Pascual. The show also featured a book signing with author Rick Goldschmidt. Celebrity Dan Roebuck and a Phyllis Diller look-alike were in attendance.

While the show was a terrific tribute to the cult status of Mad Monster Party, animation and stop-motion film-making, it was also a celebration of good art and the wonderful artists who create them. The creativity and diversity of the works on display included oils, acrylics, watercolors, sculptures, mixed media, and more. A 28″ paper maché of the Monster by Arte Cabalturo was particularly impressive, as was Casey Wong’s “Uncle Boris.” (I also liked “A Quick Bite” by Drake Brodahl and “The Creature” by Stephen Chiodo.) Van Eaton Galleries deserves a lot of credit for not only putting on this show, but for consistently giving patronage to both seasoned and emerging artists and promoting art in general.

The show was curated by Phillip Graffham and will be on display at Van Eaton Galleries from now until the end of the month. Many of the artwork have already sold, but there are still good ones available.

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