Logan is magnificent

Hugh Jackman takes his final turn as Wolverine in Logan, and it is magnificent. Logan–set in the not-too-distant future when almost all mutants have be exterminated–is brutal, bloody, profane, and dystopian, but also touching, sentimental, human and funny. Although Hugh Jackman was not the first choice to play the iconic role since the very first X-Men movie, any actor who is selected to play Wolverine next will invariably be compared to him. Jackman in Logan is perfect. Patrick Stewart, in reprising his role as Charles Xavier, is not too shabby either. Logan is also likely Stewart’s final turn as Professor X. Jackman and Stewart made sure they go out with a bang.

The R rating for Logan–as trailblazed by Deadpool–help give the movie the weary and desolate feel it needed to tell the story. It’s also where its humor derives from, just like it was for Deadpool.

Speaking of Deadpool, the teaser (filled with Easter eggs) for Deadpool 2 comes at the start of Logan, which is a brilliant marketing move.