Lazy Journalism

Late yesterday the Hollywood Patch ran a story about a lawsuit against Hollywood Treasure. The “contributor” to the article called the office fishing for information. I told him that I knew nothing about it, that I had no comment, and that was that.

Dead end, right? Nope. The article attributed me for information about who used to produced Hollywood Treasure and who is currently producing the show. This is information that the reporter could have gotten through a simple search on the Internet. But, no, it is much better when it’s quoted by someone. Just lazy journalism. It is like writing that someone had no comment. You put it in there just to reach some kind of word count quota. For the record, this so-called news article has less than 250 words.


  1. wasabiguy says:

    The age of the Internet has created a media of “sound bytes” instead of actual journalism. We live in a world of wanting instant information – not patiently checked facts. Your name and connection to the show are obviously what that writer was looking for to give ANY validity to his/her story…

    Since, you know, using facts obviously wouldn’t work.

  2. thewayitis says:

    Good point there. One so called journalist even said publicly that he does not always have time to get the facts in form both sides because he has to get his stories(and what he writes are truly stories) published.

    It’s sad that some people only find enjoyment from writing negative, inaccurate articles for the sake of attention.

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