Is Communitarianism taking over?

In the Daily Beast today, Gregory Ferenstein makes the case, or rather recomfirms, that Obama is indeed a communitarian.

The question, to me, is not whether Obama is a communitarian (he sure seems to be), but whether or not the country–for that matter, the world–is better off being governed under that philosophy. The idea of America was built on the mystic of the individual that James Fenimore Cooper romanticized and Ayn Rand propagandized. It was built from the visions of industrial titans like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Edison and Vanderbilt.

Obama acknowledged as much, but also adds his brand of spin. This is what he said in his famous 2004 Democratic National Convention speech, when he performed inception on America: “For alongside our famous individualism, there’s another ingredient in the American saga, a belief that we are all connected as one people.”

Is the world ready for the amount of collaboration that communitarians espouse? Recent events involving the NSA has put the spotlight on a core communitarian issue of privacy versus safety. That is the reality of our world right now. Add to the mix the speed of technological advancement and the seemingly ineptness of our legislative government to keep up, I think there will be a wave of social upheaval in our future.