How do you take your books?

The 17th annual LA Times Book Fair is taking place this weekend. I spent the afternoon there today and managed to pick up the following books, which I think are just fantastic:


Both books are welcomed editions to my library of art and pop culture tomes. I love books, especially well designed one.

Despite the trend towards digital downloads, which I also consume and enjoy for reading fiction and biographies/memoirs, I prefer art and pop culture reference books in the physical form. For me art requires sensuous stimuli (tactile or otherwise) for it to be fully effected, whereas text can be expressed and projected into forms by the mind.

How do you take your books and what’s in your library?


  1. Cassie says:

    I still take my books traditionally. I have Banksy as well – love to just take it down ever so often and flip the pages. It’s full of hope, I think.

  2. fong says:

    Cassie, you make a good point. I think that’s why art is so powerful. It inspires so many things in us.

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