Hollywood Auction catalog is online

View here.

UPDATE: This is another big catalog, coming in at exactly 400 pages and weighing almost 4 pounds. There are 1,045 lots. It’s a two-day auction and for the first time, Profiles has decided to run it on a Monday and Tuesday. The first day will end at lot 549 and day two will pick up at lot 550. The start time for both days is 12:00pm PDT. As is now typical with Profiles’s Hollywood auctions, a wide range of genres are covered. From vintage film and television favorites to classic Sci-Fi and contemporary blockbusters, from scripts and posters to props and costumes, it’s all here.


  1. ThePropStop says:

    Beautiful catalog….really the stuff is so much better than the one “D” one…mainly because we haven’t seen in all before. That dropship on the cover is just beautiful. Superb work.

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