Hillary brought out the big guns

No, not Obama. Not Bill. Not Bernie. Or Warren. Or Biden.

No, Hillary brought out Jay-Z and Beyoncé in an epic concert in Cleveland, OH tonight. The ultimate entertainment power couple.

But how much effect will it actually have? The crowd was big, but there was report that people began piling out the second Jay-Z and Beyoncé finished performing.

Personally, I’m not so much moved by celebrity endorsements. I’m not discounting them, but I’m just not star-struck enough to be influenced that way. What I am looking at is who the major publications have endorsed.

Today the Economist, which isn’t even an American publication, backed Hillary. To date, 53 major newspapers and publishers have officially endorsed Hillary to one for Trump. That, to me, carries much more weight. And effectively, American newspapers have resoundingly rejected Donald Trump.


Think about that. The nation’s most respected publications have overwhelmingly endorsed Hillary over Trump. These are the bastions of the First Amendment. They are protectors of the most important freedom that defines our democracy–the one freedom that Trump has actually tried to curb.

There is no doubt that Trump has mobilized a large number of the electorate. However, he is adept at manipulating the media and clearly understands how to use the anger, frustration and despair that people are feeling to his advantage. But the people who write for the best newspapers see through that. That is their job. Fifty-three to one. That one? The Las Vegas Review-Journal, which is owned by Trump supporter, casino-magnate Sheldon Adelson.