Here’s what we know about FBI Director James Comey’s letter regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails

It wouldn’t be the 2016 election without new stories breaking on a Friday. The political arena is quaking from FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Republican congressional committee chairs announcing that he’s taking a new look into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Here’s the letter in full:


Before we get overly dramatic here, let’s look at what we know:

  • The FBI has uncovered new emails in an unrelated case that are deemed pertinent to Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.
  • That unrelated case? It was an investigation of Anthony Weiner‘s alleged sexting with an underage girl.
  • The emails uncovered did not come from Hillary Clinton herself.
  • The emails uncovered did not come from Hillary Clinton’s private server.
  • This is not a “re-opening” of the original investigation. Despite  a narrative pushed by Republican House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz — is that the FBI has “reopened” the case against Clinton, several reporters have disputed what this letter really meant. The letter seems quite clear in that
  • Based on the letter’s actual content, there is no reason to believe that the FBI will change its ultimate conclusion that no reasonable prosecutor could bring charges against Clinton.
  • Some have questioned why Comey sent this letter 11 days before the election. Clinton’s campaign chair openly accused this move as political football. However, it may be that Comey was simply obligated by law to do so.
  • This will not get resolved before the election on Nov. 8.
  • All the above hasn’t stopped Trump and Republicans from pouncing over this.

Lastly, why did Comey use “Messrs” in the greeting of his letter?