Help stop bear bile farming

Compassion comes in many forms and covers a wide spectrum. It also extends beyond human beings. In fact, compassion towards animals is a fundamental foundation for being human.

We are living 2016 going on 2017. Information is abundant. While it may not be easily accessible in some parts of the world, those of us who have access to sensible info could choose to help others avoid practices that are harmful. Indeed, there are existing customs that are rooted in superstition and based on folklore that ultimately have no benefits and are even detrimental, to ourselves, others, our ecosystem and environment.

Bear bile farming in Asia is one such practice. The cruelty, barbarism and lack of compassion is not what we could strive to become as people. We can become better humans.

Support the Animals Asia Foundation and contribute to a fundraising raffle. The prize may be nice, but the effort goes a long way.