Andrew Jackson is out. He will be replaced on the $20 bill by Harriet Tubman, the ex-slave who worked in the Underground Railroad to free other slaves. The irony is obvious here: the ex-slave replacing the slave owner. Jackson, who was a fierce critic of central banks, probably wouldn’t mind though. Then there’s the critique that since Tubman fought against the buying and trading of people, that putting her front and center on currency, is sort of insensitive. Either way, there will be people celebrating this move and there will be haters decrying everything.

The one winner of this decision by the Treasury Department: Alexander Hamilton. When it was announced that a woman could appear on one of the bills replacing a current historical figure, Tubman was by far the most popular replacement. There was speculation that Hamilton would be the one to get the boot from the $10. There is talk that Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew was swayed by the popularity of the Broadway hip-hop musical, Hamilton. Who knows?

All I know is when I go see Hamilton at some point, I hope to pay for my tickets with the newly minted Harriet Tubman $20 bills.