Hamilton’s America from PBS


Hamilton the musical does not arrive at the Pantages in Los Angeles until November 2017. When that happens, it would not include the original cast. In the meantime, it’s unlikely I will get to see it on Broadway. Tonight’s premiere of Hamilton’s America on PBS made me feel both dejected by what I’ve missed out on and excited for when I do get to see it next year. The 90-minute documentary is worth every second. It gives glimpses of the musical’s genesis, its process, and its accolades. Footage of the performances and music mixed in with layers of history and the connection and relevance to present day show that the musical is worthy of all the hype. (Plus, eleven Tony Awards.) It’s also making me want to read Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton. One of the best snippets in the documentary, from George W. Bush, spoken with a playful smirk: “That’s the way that history works. Sometimes it takes a while for people to give you credit.”