Flash & Java

In 2010, Steve Jobs famously detailed why he wouldn’t allow Adobe’s Flash on Apple devices, citing concerns about performance, battery drain and security. The security issue is in particular a problem, as several high profile hacks have been known to exploit the vulnerability of Flash.

Last week’s cyberattack on the security company, Hacking Team, and the subsequent data dump onto the Internet revealed yet again how unsafe Flash is. As a direct result of that attack Alex Stamos, Facebook’s newly appointed chief security officer, has called on Adobe to announce an end-of-life date for Flash.

Flash isn’t the only programming platform that is under scrutiny. Java has seen better days. The security research company, Micro Trend, reported that the hacker group Pawn Storm has used a Java exploit to target “a NATO country and a U.S. defense organization.” They have recommended that users”disable Java in browsers if installed due to an application.”

Disabling Flash and Java immediately is highly advisable.