Flash Friday

It’s a little late, but I’m counting this anyway. I’m trying out a weekly feature that I’m calling “Flash Friday.” It’s a list of what I’m enjoying or contemplating. Here goes…

What I’m reading: The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer
This book was a holiday gift from a friend of mine. I’m only a few chapters in, but it has legitimately changed my life. The approach it gives to viewing the world and processing our experiences is both simple and profound. I’m discovering tools I didn’t have and didn’t know I needed to understand myself first and then secondarily the world. I recommend it to anyone who wants inner peace and true contentment.

What I’m watching: Travelers
This is a Netflix show about a group of time travelers from the future who have developed the technology to send their consciousness back in the past to inhabit the bodies of people who according to future historical records were going to die. Their mission is to alter the timeline to avoid a disastrous future fate of humanity. Entertaining so far. I’m somewhat of a sucker for time themed movies and shows.

Where I’m going: The Huntington Library
Technically I’m going tomorrow (Saturday). I’ve been planning this little trip for a few days now. It’s a special place. I will be reading, journaling and meditate within the gorgeous landscape and among the art of this priceless institution. I’ve been meaning to visit for a long time now. No better time than the first Saturday of the year.

What I’m trying out: Running
Ever since I developed plantar fasciitis on both my feet, I had to stop running. I had to contend with chronic sore feet the past few years. Then my right ankle started hurting and it wouldn’t heal for months. I finally visited a podiatrist who diagnosed a collapsing arch as the source of all my problems. Fortunately there was a remedy: orthotics. The fasciitis and ankle pain went away within a week. It was miraculous. So now I’m trying to get back to running again.

What I’m pondering:
“If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your own path.” This quote may or may not have been correctly attributed to the Buddha. There is sufficient evidence that it was not. However, the sentiment of the message is wonderful no matter who the speaker was.