Flash Friday

What I’m reading: Stories of You and Others by Ted Chiang. Arrival, based on one of the short stories in this collection, is one of my favorite movies of last year. It just resonated with me. I told everyone I know about this film and encouraged everybody to see it. The other short stories in the book are equally compelling. The writing is top-notch. The best sci-fi writings reveal a something insightful about human nature. Chiang has tapped into that window.

What I’m watching: Sherlock is back. Benedict Cumberbatch is a fine actor, but his introduction to me and likely to most people was as Sherlock Holmes. The series has lost a bit of the magic from the beginning. Still, it is entertaining and better than most of what’s currently on TV.

Where I’m going: Westlake Village. Weekend getaways are great for getting out of the city. Only a stone’s throw from home, Westlake is just outside of LA enough to qualify for a quick getaway to decompress, recalibrate and get back to the center. More out-of-town trips will be in the cards this year. No excuses.

What I’m trying out: Not working everyday, which leads to…

What I’m pondering: “Fit your work around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around work.” I saw this graphic on Twitter. It wasn’t attributed to anyone (I might even be re-quoting it wrong). It’s a good reminder to assess our priorities and decide for ourselves what’s important, not what’s important to someone else. You are solely responsible for your own happiness. Don’t delegate that job to another person.