fanATOMY: Dissecting Fandom

is a film by Amanda Rosenblatt about the world of pop culture fanaticism. It offers a perspective on what it is to be a fan. As a uberfan herself, Amanda gives a very honest and touching dissection of what makes someone become so compulsive and obsessive over something.

Through displaying the good, the bad, the ugly, and the amazing sides of what it means to be a fanatic with years of footage, the film maker’s goal is to explore the roots of pop culture fanaticism, to bring positive light to these subcultures and above all, to show that the true fanatic’s goal is not to crawl into the lives of the people they look up to. Rather the fanatic strives to find their own life meanings and goals through their interests, or merely to use their fandom to get through each day.

Three years in the making, fanATOMY features years of footage all shot and written by Amanda herself. There are also interviews with Josh Gates (Destination Truth), Steve Yeun (The Walking Dead) and Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me).

I met Amanda at this past year’s C2E2, while managing the Captain America Auction for Profiles in History. Of course, Amanda was there documenting pop culture. She took some footage of the auction and yours truly actually made it into this film (part 3).

Read the press release and watch the film here:


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