Over the years, I had the pleasure to meet one of the classiest and most good-natured people in collectibles. But how they were first introduced to me projected an image that was far removed from who they really are after I eventually got to know them.

This is a true story: When I first heard of the Dreiers, I was instructed to not interact or even look at them. They were bigshots from Santa Barbara and they do not mingle with regular people. At one of Profiles’s early auctions, they were segregated from the other bidders in a room towards the back of the bidding floor, not to be disturbed, for fear that they could be turned off and we would lose their business.

Of course, in hindsight those precautionary measures were entirely unnecessary. The whole Dreier family are gracious and generous to the bone. (Earlier this year, they invited me to a private luncheon to meet Kirk freaking Gibson!) Now I am honored to call Doug Dreier a good friend. It was my fondness for the Dreiers that I wanted to see it through the end of Profiles’s recent auctions before I left the company.

As is widely known, the Dreiers have built an enviable collection of varied interests from books and sports to pop culture and natural history. Doug’s position as Executive Director of the family’s collections gives him a unique perspective on the collectibles market. Now he is sharing his insights in a newly minted blog aptly entitled, Eye4Collecting.com. I am excited to read what he has to say and look forward to the many future discourses we will be having. Check it out and join the discussion.


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